The Shadow Mountain herd number is about 20 high-quality horses and ponies, made up of  ten or so breeds. They are chosen for their suitability to do their job here at Shadow Mountain. They represent a range of experience and temperaments, from gentle beginners’ horses to ones that are an  appropriate challenge for the most accomplished rider. Shadow Mountain horses are handled with competence, respect and affection, and they respond with faithful service and fine performance.


Here are some horsey photos…




Here are some pictures from Halloween Camps:







Ibn, the UT cheerleader. Go VOLS!













Pegasus pony, Puff














“Come on Seabiscuit” (in reality it’s Bandit)!















Sutton, the Paint gelding, makes a comfy bareback ride, as well as being a good jumper.













Gypsy Lady, the grey Arabian, was the top junior endurance horse in the southeast region in 2004. She is fun to ride and moves like a deer.











Betsey the cow and Tuc the clown at 2005 Halloween camp!









Here are some Christmas Camp Photos:








At Christmas Camp, Salina, the grey Arabian mare, was Mrs. Claus, and Zephyr, the black walking horse/saddlebred gelding was Santa!












My niece, Sara, from California, was an elf along with Olo at Christmas Camp.











Pedro was also an elf at Christmas Camp.