Shadow Mountain Farm is a perfect place for animal lovers. Other than horses, we also have dogs, cats, goats, pot-belly pigs, ducks, chickens and miniature donkey. They are all part of the camp family and are very friendly, and love the special attention they receive during camp.

Here are some critter photos…









“Welcome to the Critter Barn. I’m Petunia. If you rub my tummy, I’ll lie down and roll over.”



















Blossom and baby goat, Jack, also live at the Critter barn along with the other goats

















“Hello, my name is Elmer. What’s yours?”
















Whinny and Misty posed just perfectly for this one!















Shadow, who unknowingly to us, came with the farm, so we named him after it!


Note: Shadow passed away in Nov. 2008 at age 18.  He had been with us since the beginning of camp, and will be missed.
















Billy came from the animal shelter when my Mom and I went to look for a dog for her and my Dad (they got Duffy). I did not mean to come home with a dog, but the animal shelter is a dangerous place for a soft-hearted, animal-lover like me!













Ronald is my guardian angel. I saved him off the side of the road during a snow storm. He had his head down in a “McDonalds” bag trying to get a french-fry, thus the name Ronald. He was starving, so I brought him home to Shadow Mountain. He has been the most loyal dog I have ever owned, and he loves the campers too!