Philosophy and Objectives: Our aim at Shadow Mountain is that our campers will grow in such areas as self-esteem, self-discipline, good judgment, and self-reliance by being part of the natural and positive processes of camp life. We encourage an open, wholesome atmosphere in camp that inspires spontaneity, friendship and free expression and that helps campers grow in the ability to get along harmoniously with others through daily working, living and playing together. One of our goals is for each camper to return home healthier in body, more aware and resilient in mind and stronger and freer in spirit.

     As one of a small group of only 16 or so in a session, each camper is an important and valued part of the camp family, and shares responsibility for making the session successful for everyone. All campers do their fair share of kitchen and farm chores, and are expected to take care to keep themselves and others safe, and to use simple human consideration and good common sense (horse sense) at all times.

     Another really nice thing about camp is the good friends made here. Arriving campers are warmly welcomed and quickly find that making friends with kids at camp who share their same interests comes easily and naturally (many of these friendships last long after camp ends). Everyone responds to the relaxed and happy atmosphere, and soon we’re all enjoying together the smiles, laughter, and high spirits typical of camp life and the good feelings shared among friends.



Personal Note: I (Betsey) have a BA degree in Recreation Administration with a minor in Child Development from California State University, Chico. I have been involved in children’s summer camps since 1982. I am a certified riding instructor by the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) since 1982 and the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA) since 1998. I also actively teach at STAR (Shangri-La Therapeutic Academy of Riding) in Loudon County. I am certified by the American Red Cross in first aid and CPR. I was a school teacher as well as director of Shadow Mountain Horse Camp for five years until I resigned from teaching in 1995 to devote my energies fully to the horses, riders, and camp at Shadow Mountaina dream come true for me! I am also an avid endurance rider that has me traveling to many different states to compete in 50 to 100 mile races. I have a deep love of horses, animals, and the outdoors that through Shadow Mountain Horse Camp, I would like to share and pass on. In today’s fast paced, technological world, I feel horses are a very healthy outlet. Please don’t hesitate to give me a call if you have any questions, would like references, or to arrange for a visit.


Betsey and Kassan jumping at Shadow Mountain Farm


Betsey and Dinero at “Million Pines Classic” 50 mile endurance ride in south Georgia. Dinero is also a superb camp horse for all levels of riders.


Pugnut Betsey with her owners Annie Sue, Trudy and Bernice. Yes, they really do own me, not visa-versa!


Randy: My wonderful husband, Randy, is also a horse person. We love to trail ride and camp with our horses. Though Randy does not endurance ride, he is the best “crew” by caring for my horse at the vet checks, and getting him all cleaned up and shining to stand for Best Condition.


Randy on Savage and Betsey on Dinero enjoying a day in the Smokey Mountains


Randy, Betsey, and Kassan at a vet check during the “Chicken Chase” 55 mile endurance ride in Indiana. Kassan came in first and won Best Condition!


Mom and Dad: My parents had a beautiful log home built at Shadow Mountain in 1995, after retiring from up in Pennsylvania . They live there along with their beloved dog, Duffy, who they adopted at the animal shelter. “Mr. Justin” is the official caretaker of the farm, and is forever mowing, bush-hogging, repairing fences, and anything else that needs to be fixed or built around the farm. “Mrs. Justin” is the official camp cook. Everyone is always glad to see her coming because that means good food is on the way! She is also the artsy-craftsy one, as is seen in all the signs around Shadow Mountain, and in all the horse pillows and curtains in the Camp house. Both my parents dedicate so much energy and love to the farm and camp. And it shows.


Joel and Nancy Justin with Duffy, standing in front of their log home on Shadow Mountain


Joel: A special thanks to my big brother, Joel, who set up the SMF website. He is the computer genius of the family (thank goodness, because I certainly am not) and lives in Southern California with his wife, son, and daughter. They all love to visit Shadow Mountain and go horseback riding.


Thanks, Joel…